About Us

K-Universe was created to give K-pop fans a place to send unwanted/excess merch and buy official albums and merch for a discount.

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I've seen so many people resort to throwing tons of albums in the trash or donate them to other non K-pop establishments where the items are likely to get thrown out anyway. K-Universe combines the donation convenience and discounts of typical thrift stores with the assurance that donated items will go to people who love them just as much as you did.
Through our quick and simple donation system, we eliminate the time consuming process of posting unwanted items on other platforms and individually shipping them out one by one. Those who want or need to downsize their collection now have a place to send everything all at once without having to think about it again.

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Additionally, I saw this as an opportunity to make merch more accessible to those with less disposable income. The experience of opening up a K-pop album or unboxing a light stick are a couple of the many unique and fun aspects of being a K-pop fan. Though there are many ways to enjoy this genre and community for free, it's easy to feel like you're missing out on a big part of the fun. And with social media being an almost integral aspect of fandom these days, the sense of missing out can increase exponentially. It's my hope that through K-Universe, fans who typically can't afford to participate monetarily will be able to experience that extra sense of connection and belonging to the community and with their favorite artist; The same connection that drew most fans to K-pop in the first place. With K-Universe, I hope to help make this community more sustainable, connected and accessible to all.