Looking to Reuse Cup Sleeve Event Merch?

If you're someone who loooves going to kpop cup sleeve events but never knows what to do with the actual cup sleeve after, this is for you 💖

As someone who has always felt bad for throwing away cup sleeves after events, I have been searching high and low for a way to reuse or even cutely display cup sleeves for so long. And today, I think I found a solution 😍

This tumbler allows you to separate the outside of the cup (that you hold) from the inside, giving you the ability to insert a photo or design using their custom template. Or, in this case, slide on a cup sleeve!

Now the hard work that goes into making cute designs for these events won't be wasted😮‍💨🙏 

You can mix and match your cup sleeves to go with your outfit or decorate the entire cup around a certain theme or ✨ aesthetic ✨ like I did here.

If you want to see the cup in action and get a little review, click here to watch my TikTok featuring it!



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