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Meet the Owner

Jess, 27, TX, (SHE /THEY) | K-Pop Fan Since '18

Hello! A bit about me, I love all things creative, kind of introverted, prefer warm weather over cold, and adore my collection of crystals. I mainly enjoy sewing, crocheting, makeup, fashion and taking care of my plants. And of course, K-pop.

What started as an idea between me and one of my closest friends, Kayla, is transforming into something special.

We originally discussed making a consignment shop, but couldn't quite work out some issues with the plan, so we left it for about a year. Then, in early 2022, I started coming across TikTok videos of group order managers with stacks of albums they were unable to sell and were resorting to advertise them one last time before throwing them away. This got me thinking, there has to be a better solution! I went back and forth with Kayla, developing the idea until what we now know as K-Universe was born. And since she was unfortunately busy with school at the time, she gave me the go-ahead to bring our idea to life.

Its my hope that K-Universe will continue to grow and adapt to be more useful to the folks it was created for, as well as find new ways to be more sustainable and encourage others to do the same.